1. Know the course. It seems simple enough but when you’re out there, knowing what’s coming around the next corner reduces anxiety. Which intern conserves energy.

2. For pre-race breakfast ONLY eat what you’d normally each morning or what you have practiced before in training.

3. Never try something new on race day that you haven’t done before. Especially includes food and equipment.

4. Through the transitions, you want to think “smooth and relaxed”. Smooth and simple is fast. Plan your route to and from the bike rack.

5. Become comfortable in the open water before racing and build into your pace at the start of the swim. There’s no need to get into boxing match round the boys as it wastes energy.Hamilton Island Triathlon Start - Image: Courtney Atkinson

6. Ride within your limits and tried to even pace the bike ride. This is the best bike strategy to keep energy in reserve for a strong run.

7. Ease into the run of the bike until you find your running legs if you think you’re running too quickly, you are. If you think you’re running at the right pace you still may be running too fast. Stay on the side of caution.

8. Make sure you’re taking on fluid and energy drink the entire race. In the third quarter of the race, start looking for simple sugars and possibly stimulant. I’m sponsored by red bull so you use their energy drink in the closing stages of my running to help me push to the finish line.

9. Apply sun protection. you may have sore legs afterward but you don’t need sunburn as well.


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