I’ve been doing this same 10 minute warmup Pre-Ergo or Windtrainer bike session for better part of a decade.

On days when time poor and have to make the most of limited time to ride. (those with kids will understand)

Or want to simulate a limited warmup race specific to triathlon.



10mins as:

  • 3 mins easy spinning
  • 3 mins muscle activation – Each 1 minute decreasing RPM / cadence while building power.
  • 1 min spin recovery
  • 3 x 10 secs max RPM! with 20 secs rest + 20 secs @ 95% effort in race gear.
  • 1 min spin recovery

Jump into main session…..

To give you an idea of intensity. My 3 mins activation is 80rpm / 70 rpm / 60 rpm @ build around 260watts – 280watts – 300watts (so close to my longer distances race power at end).

Cadence sprints @ 140rpm give or take 10

20sec effort depends on how good the legs are…not wrecking myself but solid extended effort 500+watts

The main keys aspects I believe maximise warmup (across all three triathlon sports):

  • Tap into each of the required physical zones that will be needed in race.
  • Wakeup the nervous system
  • Don’t over do it. Leave the big efforts for the race time.

Another insight into warming up on bike. A few years back I copied this example of Sky Cycling’s TT warmup from a race from some website I can’t remember. Must have been taped up at their caravan on day. Not sure how true it is but I have used the structure for road for warmup prior to events while riding to the triathlon race site with success.Sky Cycling Warmup


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