Never competed in triathlon? You still have time to get involved this summer.

The Gold Coast Triathlon on April 10th has a beginner Enticer Tri distance of 300m swim | 10km cycle | 2.5km run. Or jump on Triathlon Australia’s events website to find a local goal for yourself

I’ve provided basic introductory eight week training guide to have beginners race day ready.

The assumption behind the program is that you’ve got very little fitness but can run or jog continuously for 10 minutes; ride for 30 minutes and swim continuously for 100m. Then you’re ready to start the eight week training program.

Remember this is only a guide. Everyone has different swim, bike and run insurance strengths and weaknesses, so adjust the training schedule to your own fitness levels, and have fun with it!

8 Week Beginner Triathlon Training Program



Program tips:

The goal is complete each session (in table above) in the required time at a pace which doesn’t force you to stop, exhausted. In later weeks, maintain a consistent pace and try to increase your speed.

  • The bike and run on Wednesday’s is very important. It builds confidence in your ability to complete distances.
  • When doing triathlon training in a group it’s important to stick to your own pace and get the most out of it and not over train. Using handicaps or doing out of back courses is a good way to train with other people of all different fitness levels while sticking to your own pace and goals.
  • Finally, adding a strength component to your training can be beneficial. If you don’t already have a weekly gym program, here are three simple exercises that can be added to the end of a couple of runs each week to help with stability and core strength for the triathlon:
    • Front and side planks: 15 to 30 seconds to each hold, three cycles.
    • Walking lunges: 10 steps then rest, three cycles
    • Single leg superman: five each leg, two cycles – example video


Originally published for Fitness First Magazine as ‘Still Time To Tri’


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