CRUISING ON P&O’s ‘Pacific Eden’

My trip aboard P&O’s newest ship the Pacific Eden was my first cruise experience.  An end of year family holiday but in my job I am always required to stay fit and active…even while onboard.

Bonus; felt a lot less guilty having a few extra helpings of the great range of food at any of the 6 restaurants aboard.

P&O Cruises - Fitness - Courtney Atkinson


These were my 5 goto activities to keep moving while still keeping plenty of time to enjoy the Pacific Islands. as featured by P&O Cruises Australia.


Bang for your buck you can’t beat running for fitness. While on holidays my goal was to jog on my legs every second day for about 40mins. Easy while docked but if you’re up for a challenge try the treadmills when there’s a decent swell hitting the ship. Really recruits your core and tests balance. The treadmills have one of the ships best front views but the other option is to jog around the upper deck in the fresh air!

P&O Cruises - Fitness - Courtney Atkinson


When the Pacific Eden docked the Loyalty Island’s pacific waters were a perfect place to stretch the arms. Equal to the clearest water I’ve swam in and that’s something as during my travels for international triathlons I’ve swam in nearly anything your mind can imagine. From clean water to the very scary. You don’t have to be Grant Hackett…just getting out for a snorkel and checking the reefs is great exercise.

P&O Cruises - Fitness - Courtney Atkinson


Simple enough but adds up over a 10 day trip. Walking up and down the internal steps instead of riding the elevators raises the heart rate while doubling as a great strengthening exercise for those butt and leg muscles. Even better, if you have kids throw them on your shoulders and or make it a race up or down.

P&O Cruises - Fitness - Courtney Atkinson


We took some local off-shore driving tours on our trip but my favourite stops were when we got off the beaten track by foot and the kids got to do some adventure trekking. The pacific heat makes it a good workout that brings the whole family together. Bonus is we stumbled on a few WOW locations that otherwise we wouldn’t have seen.P&O Cruises - Fitness - Courtney Atkinson


I could hit the free weights in the gym but to make the most out of my ship and family time I preferred to complete a quick but quality body weight circuit inside the room focused on core, balance and triathlon sports specific strength. The kids love joining in on the exercises and my boy Leo often provides an extra challenge sitting on top of me doing pushups!

P&O Cruises - Fitness - Courtney Atkinson


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