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City 2 Surf tops the list of the list of big runs down under. 60,000+ starting from the same line at Hyde Park, Sydney. Attacking the same hilly 14km course.

I wasn’t going to be knocking on the door of line honours this year after spending the prior week on the snow at Perisher. So we threw a few GoPro’s on for the day.


He’s a story of me in the front group running 45.30mins. (3.10min/km pace give or take) VS best mate Juz in the thick of the Blue start group.

If you look closely, spot our old prime minister Tony Abbot hanging about in between the dancing gorillas.


An epic morning and an even more epic afternoon if you head straight to one of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach establishments for post-run brews. (We ended up at the Bucket List Bondi VIP dig thanks to City Run Series). The only run I know where at 7pm that night there’s still guys and gals in run gear with medals around their necks sitting in the pubs. This is City 2 Surf.

City 2 Surf 2016 - Courtney Atkinson


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