Kathmandu Coast to Coast Recon Misson

#KathmanduCoastToCoast is the best way to see New Zealand but for those who aren't racing here's what you're missing. Tips welcome :)Kathmandu The Coast to Coast Multisport Race, New Zealand

Posted by Courtney Atkinson on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Zealand’s South Island is host to the country’s only uninsurable roads. As in, some of the roads are so risky to drive along that you won’t be covered it you try and traverse them in your car. So you can only imagine what covering 243km from the west coast to the east by foot, bike, and kayak – in one day no less – is going to be like.

Such is the challenge laid down by the Kathmandu Coast to Coast World Multi-Sport Championships, the world’s oldest and arguably most picturesque multisport race, to be run for the 33rd time in February 2017.

The Longest Day

“When it first started it was a two-day race, and many still take up to two 24 hours to complete it. But in 1989 they added a one-day component, and the best guys are doing the 243km across an entire country in around 11 hours. It’s nuts! That’s longer than we’d race an ironman. To me, this is what endurance and adventure racing is all about. This is why it was on my bucket list. As much as it’s painful, it couldn’t be any more fun. You’re off road, you’ve got forest and rapids, beach and road bikes. Just so many variables in one race. I can’t think of a more picturesque race that I’ve competed in off the top of head.”

Originally scribed By Josh Rakic

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