On top of the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia

Australia’s Gold Coast is always pitched to travelers as the city of Golden beaches. Surfers Paradise and maybe the monopoly of kids theme parks. But the other gem at our western doorsteps no further than 30mins is the  Hinterland. Where ancient volcanos have created an outdoor enthusiasts playground.

Where? Pages Pinnacle

Best known by underground climbing circles for it’s crag, Pages Pinnacle doesn’t really take shape until you view it from the air. For years I saw it from the road and didn’t take much interest until one night the unique formation popped out at me while trolling google maps. Coupled with the knowledge of some youtube footage of climbing on the lower face. It was time to take a run.

GoPro, Drone, Hands & Feet

How did the clip come together? A GoPro session 5 in the mouth with internal stabilization turned on. A DJI Mavic Pro flown manually for 95% of the time. Active follow just doesn’t work as advertised in these situations.


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