Why I Dig Running Trail:

Build strength.

Running up challenging terrain works the ankles, calves and gluts. But also just as important, running the downhill at good pace. Strengthens my ability to stabilise through my core and knees.

Soft Surface.

Less impact on my legs and body allows faster recovery. That means the ability to then run more or be fresher day to day.




Leg Speed.

Using downhill sections promotes faster leg turnover. Especially at the start of a season when I’m not doing a lot of specific faster work.

Variety and Enjoyment.

So much of training is geared around distances, effort and time. It’s nice to be able to on occasion break away from this mentality. With the knowing the running will still be adding value.

Healthy Feet.

Running on road and treadmills repeatedly stresses the same joints in a very specific motion. The uneven surface and varying terrain of trails promotes range of motion. Bonus: strengthens ankles and feet.

Courtney Atkinson Trail Running

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