When I flew, drove and ran around Australia in just 7 days I was relying on the Kathmandu Lansen Tent for most of my nights sleeps. In all conditions and terrain around the base of the majority of the State 8 mountains in Australia.

Rain, humidity, 0c temps.

Was a great option staying out out the trailhead, especially if travel or pack weight is important?

I couldn’t fault the Kathmandu tent it for doing the job & held up to a good soaking on the grassy boggy ground up in Cairns.

Looked like new when I returned home except for some staining red Australian dirt on the Bone coloured fly.

Plenty of room for one person. Head height to sit up and move around freely (97cm at maximum height but is a sloping ceiling).

Sold as a two man tent, I agree can sleep two but fairly tightly. The quality of materials feels premium in line with the price you pay.

Super simple and fast (just minutes) to erect & pack back down into a good size appropriate storage bag. The only thing I would mention is that these tents rely on being pegged out to stand up. So if on hard-packed ground or rock need to improvise to hold erect.

I’ll be continuing to use on my travelling & running adventures.

*This tent was supplied by Kathmandu for my #OneWeekOneAustralia running project

More info: Best Ultralight Tent

Weight: 1.72kg fully pitched   /  .99kg inner only pitched

Price:  AU$399.98 (July 2017)



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