Key Triathlon Swim Session

In summer I spent 95%, if not 100%, of my time, swimming open water training at the Gold Coast in my backyard lake.

But in winter when I go to the heated pool, this fartlek triathlon swim session is one of my best sets to mix-up pace, build endurance without leaving me completely wasted for the rest of the day.

Main set: 2-3 × 900m Fartlek Blocks

Done with no stops as:

100 @ Controlled Fast Pace – Race Start

200 @ Tempo Pace

300 @ Goal Olympic Distance Race Pace

200 back at tempo pace

100 @ Best Finishing Pace – Fast!

+ 100 easy with some backstroke

Reset and REPEAT!

With a warm up and warm down, plus some drills, I’d swim 4-5 km total for the session.

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