Olympic triathlete, Courtney Atkinson shares insightful tips on the art of training for triathlon. This fiveΒ part series produced by Courtney Atkinson in association with Red Bull, provides a unique look into the mind of an athlete.

Get the insider fundamental technique and training tips that can be applied by any athlete from amateur to pro.


Courtney Atkinson shares insightful tips on swimming for triathlon.



Training up for your first triathlon? Or just looking for some pointers to help you get through the bike leg at your next race that little bit easier and faster?

Here’s a few of my best tips to help you feel comfortable and fast on your equipment and have the confidence to get off the bike running your best at the next race.



I believe we all should run. You see the basic spirit and sheer enjoyment young kids have chasing each other.

Well I reckon when you get that feeling of running free it is the closest thing that can bring you to being a kid again with not a care in the world. Even though I am training for the Olympics, the highest level of sport, the real motivation for me to keep coming back day after day and running is to feel that freedom.

Here are some basic running tips for triathlon that I use to make running as easy and fast as possible.



We know the short answer of how give yourself wings before you race….but here’s some of my thoughts on making the most out of fuelling, and probably more importantly, re-fuelling your body around the testing training thrown at you in triathlon.

It’s just as important to know WHEN to eat as much as WHAT to eat.



It’s the final week (or taper) leading into the race so it’s all about rest and recovery now. All the hard work should have already been completed! Racing is what the training is all about.

Time to get out there, enjoy and test yourself over the SWIM, BIKE, RUN.